Work-Life Balance of Malaysian Lecturers

Nor Azilah Husin, Amirul Syafiq Mohd Ghazali, Norasiah Abdullah, Mohammad Izzwan Bin Abdul Hadi


Lecturers have been bogged down with a lot of roles: Lecturer, researcher, administrator, counselor, and many others. Can they juggle these multiroles in their daily life effectively? What factors matter to their work-life balance (WLB)? Lecturer is a crucial asset to universities to ensure excellent students can be produced. This study is to identify main variables that influence Malaysian WLB. 120 lecturers from public and private universities were chosen as respondents. Partial least squares-structural equation modeling analysis was used and the results showed that health factor as a mediator (P = 0.000), family factor (P = 0.000), work factor (P = 0.021), and flexible hours factor (P = 0.001) have significant effects toward WLB. Family factor (F2 = 0.662) and health factor (F2 = 0.414) contributed a large effect on the WLB. The value of R2 for this model with the mediator, is 0.305. This finding is in sightful for the stakeholders of Ministry of Malaysia Higher Education, especially when they want to implement new policy relating to lecturers.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 4(1), January 2018, P 43-49


Work-life Balance; Family; Work; Health; Flexible Working Hours

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