Organisational Learning as a Fundamental Factor to Achieve Global Competitiveness (Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Positive Attitudes): A Conceptual Model

Achmad Sudiro, Sudjatno Sudjatno


This study will explore organizational learning as the key concept to win the business competition. Thus, business competition trend has been decided in how the firm maintained their employees’ engagement, their attitudes, and their satisfaction. Those three kinds of indicators are needed as key solutions to achieve high organizational performance, and that key is organizational learning. Moreover, they have been correlated to each other within organizational learning, employees’ engagement, satisfaction, and positive attitudes. Analytical method (literature study). Based on many literature studies, we found some relationships both directly and indirectly among organizational learning to employees’ engagement, satisfaction, and positive attitudes. Even they are not mentioned explicitly. The result from our findings is organization learning has relationship (as cause) to satisfaction and satisfaction impact to employees’ engagement, organizational learning (as main cause) to satisfaction and satisfaction (as the main causes) to positive attitudes, organizational learning (as the main causes) to positive attitudes and positive attitudes have cause and effect to organizational learning. This study is only a conceptual development and it is needed to be tested in the field; thus, it tries to find out variables influenced directly or indirectly and to find out other variables related which are necessary.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 3(4), October 2017, P 177-192


Organizational Learning; Employees’ Engagement; Positive Attitudes; Employees’ Satisfaction; Global Competitiveness

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