E-tail Quality and Online Social Communication for The i-Generation: Impacts on Online Purchase Intention

Risca Fitri Ayuni



 Internet has changed the way humans live in the world. As means of communication that connecting person with others for individual or business goals. Online communication will replace nearly offline ones; such as shifting people preference for buying product from offline to online. The i-Generation is representing those who highly influenced by online interactions because they are very used to accessing the internet at a very young age. E-retailers are doing business by adopting technology and internet such as website. They need to find new ways to engage the i-Generation by embracing technology and internet collaboration. Willingness and intention of the i-Generation have to be gained, as they are very potential customer of E-retailers. This study examined the relationship of E-tail quality (E-tailQ); online purchase intention (OPI) and online social communication (OSC). A total of 285 respondents from the i-Generation participated in this study. Partial least square (PLS) 3 was employed to analyze the data. The PLS 3 estimation shows that OSC has no significant effect on OSC and it is not mediating the relationship between E-tailQ and OPI. In addition, among the four dimensions of E-tailQ only website customer service and web design have significant effects on OSC. In contrast, all dimension of E-tailQ has a significant effect on OPI.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 3(3), July 2017, P 119-130



Website Design; Website Reliability; Website Security; Website Customer Services; E-tail Quality; Online Purchase Intention; Online Social Communication

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