Behavioural Consequence of Brand Passion: A Conceptual Model

Naser Pourazad, Vipul Pare


Brands, certainly, play a prominent role in customer‘s consumption and purchase behaviour. Extant studies into customer-brand relationship have proposed and tested several relational constructs including brand attachment, brand love and brand passion. However, despite the recent attentions, the relationship of brand passion to other relevant constructs stays undecided, as does its managerial outcomes. Based on this gap, the purpose of this study is to develop a conceptual framework that captures the behavioural consequences of brand passion including brand advocacy, social network support, brand community engagement, purchase loyalty, price insensitivity and alternative devaluation. This study adds to the body of knowledge in the customer behaviour literature and deepens our understanding about the consequences of enthusiastic connections between brands and consumers by incorporating several behavioural constructs as the outcomes of brand passion. Grounding on the evidence provided by the existing research on the significance of self-brand connection and the central role of emotions in robust customer-brand relationships, this study delivers more detailed insights on the market consequences of a customer‘s passionate feelings for a brand. In addition, from a managerial point of view, this study underlines the importance of enriching young customers‘ experience with the brands to provide strategic use of highlighted passion‘ and favourable positive emotions in customer-brand relationship management.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 1(1), July 2015, P 35-49


Brand Passion; Customer-brand Relationship; Fast Fashion; Brand Constructs; Behavioural Effects; Quantitative Research

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