An Examination of Package Color of a Local Product in Indonesia on Consumer Response

Arifiani Widjayanti, Vipul Pare


Color influences consumer perception and preference, purchasing, and consumption behavior and helps companies position and differentiate themselves from the competition. Color is an integral aspect of product packaging and influencing purchasing behavior. It is one of the visual cues of packaging that has been neglected in scholarly research, and there is little research that has been examined colors as a main focused of a package and its impact. This study examined the relationship between consumer responses and package colors of a local food product in Indonesia. In Indonesia, marketing of these local food products is limited, and the research on color’s impact on food products is virtually none. This study applied three stages of quantitative method approach and multivariate analysis of variance. The result indicated that different package colors of local food product in Indonesia significantly had a different degree of impact on consumer responses. Yellow achieved the highest positive response all the attitudinal and behavioral variables examined, followed by green, red, and blue. This research enhanced the body of knowledge with respect to the impact of color on choice. It provided insights to a practitioner by confirming the impact of color on consumer response. It also highlights which colors is a most significant element in a package and which one is the least, which has wide marketing implications.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 2(4), October 2016, P 310-320


Color; Package Color; Color Preferences; Consumer Responses; Decision Making; Multivariate Analysis of Variance

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