Attitude towards Women Managers in the Financial Organizations: A Study on Khulna City

ATM Jahiruddin, Mir Sohrab Hossain, Tania Afroze


In the context of growing concern about gender parity at the workplace, this study seeks to investigate employees‟ attitude towards women managers in the Banks and Insurance Companies in Bangladesh. Two groups of respondents – supervisors of the women managers (Branch managers) and other employees and officials from Banks and Insurance companies in Khulna region were selected for this study. A multistage sampling method has been used for the selection of sample respondents, who were interviewed with a structured questionnaire. Overall, the study reveals moderate attitude of the employees towards women managers in the work place. Specifically, they demonstrated a favourable attitude about women‟s equal rights responsibilities as men in the organizations; and society as a whole to recognize women as deserving as men of the top positions. On the other hand, their attitudes have been unfavourable towards women managers with regard to their ability and inclination to take up challenges and be aggressive in the demanding situations. Female employees reveal a more favourable attitude towards women mangers than the male employees. Differences have also been found in the attitudes of the employees of different age groups. However, no substantial difference has been found between the Branch managers (reporting authorities of female managers) and the other employees.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 2(2), April 2016, P 158-172

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