Assessing Customer Satisfaction of Automotive Service Centre using SERVQUAL: A Case Study of Daihatsu Service Centre Bandung, Indonesia

Rafiqah Salsabila, Mia TD Indriani, Nurrani Kusumawati


Introduction: Automotive industry is connected with many aspects of car ownership in which after-sale service being inseparable with the product. Maintenance and repair has become a service that comes intact with the car sales, which usually is offered through the authorized service centre. The objective of this paper is to detect service quality dimensions of auto repair service, determine the dimension of SERVQUAL that affects customer satisfaction on Daihatsu Service Centre, and measure the gap between customer’s perceived service quality and their expectation. The study used the 22-items of service quality measurement by Berry, Parasuraman and Zeithaml (1988), SERVQUAL. The items are adapted to the automotive service centre context, by combining the result of previous research in the automotive industry and the service design of the study object. It consists of 22-item questionnaire that portrays five dimensions, which are responsiveness, assurance, tangibles, empathy, and reliability. 100 customers were sampled from the auto repair location. Data is obtained using SERVQUAL questionnaire. Validity/reliability test, factor analysis and gap value analysis was done to analyse data. The results indicate that there are 7 distinct factors found in auto repair service quality which are relabelled as Service Design, Customer Relationship, Trust, Attentiveness, Sincerity, Customer Priority, and Convenience. The analysis also shows that Service Design is the most important dimension of service attributes by 32.27% of explaining factor. Convenience is considered to be the factor that still needs improvement because of minus gap value, while sincerity is considered as the dimension which has highest satisfaction.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 2(1), January 2016, P 86-105


SERVQUAL; Service Quality; Customer Satisfaction; Gap Score Analysis; Factor Analysis; Auto Repair Management; Car Maintenance Management

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