The Effectiveness of Continuous Exposure to Television Program Sponsorship Content on Young Television Viewers’ Product Acceptance

Ismail Sualman, Siti Norfadila Binti Ab Wahab


This research discusses the different approach to advertising, which is the sponsorships on television programs by local beauty brands. This is another branch of advertising to reach out to a larger potential buyers’ base instead of using the traditional and conventional form of advertising, which is television commercials. The research will mainly focus on sponsorships by local beauty brands. The scope of the research is being narrowed down to include the young television viewers or potential buyers as the subjects. The research is also going to discuss the effectiveness of this approach to advertising, toward the perceptions and acceptance of the young television viewers and also toward their purchasing powers. This study is qualitative research which carried out in-depth interview method in collecting data. This study adopts thematic analysis which the networks-generated graphics are based on semantic approach. The researcher is the instrument for this research. This research uses the qualitative software of Atlas.ti version 7.5. The results from this study show positive opinions on the sponsorships on television programs by local beauty brands. The nine participants involved in this study argued that sponsorships on television programs by local beauty brands are successful in turning young television viewers into potential consumers and that there will be ascending results on the graphs of the sales of the sponsoring local beauty brands. Local beauty brands as advertisers are proven to be getting the benefits of highly profitable sales from the television program sponsorship approach they have undertaken.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 5(1), January 2019, P 52-62


Sponsorships; Advertisers; Television Program; Views; Exposure; Acceptance

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