Beyond Regionalism: Non-State Actor’s Role toward Port Transformation in West and Central Africa Region

Kukuh Ugie Sembodho, Silvia Laurent Elvi


Harbors in West and Central Africa (WCA) region hold an important role in international trade. However, these harbors have caused environmental problems which effect spread across international borders in the past decades. International regime’s pressure did not work effectively to overcome this issue due to political interest differences. The issue rolled out quite long until these harbors in the WCA transformed into a public-private partnership joint in the year of 2000. These transformations are perceived to be a milestone that is followed by various acts to reform environmental issue which conceived as two main things: Port-generated and shipping-generated problems. This study sees an interesting point of view, in which the portrayal that frames state actor as a dominating interest in decision-making process turns out does not always relevant toward real-life condition. This study also goes to explain how non-state actors are able to function as a regional-scale transformation catalyst.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 5(1), January 2019, P 47-51


West and Central Africa; Port Transformation; Non-State Actor; Regional Convergence; Policy Arrangement

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