An Assessment of Media and Communication Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention in Media Entrepreneurship: A Case of Monash University, Australia

Tanvir Hussain Himel


The aim of the research is to examine students’ entrepreneurial intentions. A survey was conducted at Monash University, Australia. The respondents of this research were the postgraduate students who were studying communication and media at Monash University, Australia. The study selected 90 samples using purposive sampling techniques. The theory of Planned Behaviour as well as Shapero’s Entrepreneurial Event Model were used to explain the entrepreneurial intentions of the students. The regression method was used in order to examine factors influencing the entrepreneurial intention of the students. More so, to determine how students differ on their entrepreneurial intentions, analysis of variance has been employed. The results show that awareness, feasibility, and self-efficacy have a positive relationship with the entrepreneurial intentions of media industries. Future research can be done by taking data from wider ranges of locations, which will provide more comprehensive and reliable results regarding students’ intentions toward media entrepreneurship.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 5(2), July 2019, P 63-73


Entrepreneurial Intention; Media Entrepreneurship; Media Entrepreneur

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