Entrepreneurial Competencies of Selected Freshmen Business Students in the Academe

Racquel U. Cruz


Defining entrepreneurial competencies among university students raised many questions about their achievement, planning, and ability that enable them to effectively lead entrepreneurial activities in the future after graduation. Thus, acquiring entrepreneurial competencies can provide students a confidence in developing businesses idea and eventually establishing new business venture. Many researchers seem to agree about various factors affecting entrepreneurial intentions particularly among university students as potential entrepreneur. Given this backdrop, the study aimed to determine and prove which entrepreneurial competencies exist among selected business student that needs to enhance to be competent. The study sought the perception of the 68 freshman business students in the three selected business courses in De La Salle University, Manila. The study used the descriptive method of research utilizing survey questionnaire for freshman students as the primary target population. For this research, an exploratory factor analysis was conducted on the collected data, and statistical treatment used was frequency count and weighted mean using RStudio as statistical software for all items to uncover the underlying structure of variables. The ordinary least square regression for the analysis of structural equation modeling and multiple linear regression was applied to validate the measurement and test the hypotheses established in this study. The findings of this study have highlighted some significant inferences for the entrepreneurial competencies such as the freshman business students have an opportunity to enhance further their personal entrepreneurial competencies by taking seriously their business exposure from their family business or personal business endeavor.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 4(3), July 2018, P 137-153


Entrepreneurial Competencies; Freshmen Students; Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Intentions; Entrepreneurial Knowledge; Competent Entrepreneurs

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