Designing and Demonstrate Gender Role to early seeds lead for lifelong understanding: An initiative to identify conflict of learning institution and cognitive knowledge

Sk Shahin Hossain


Gender issues are yet very funny to general people. People feelings like ignorance than importance. How do we expect gender role and its sensitization to a school going learner? How do we minimize the crucial scrutinize view of gender role and uplift peoples thought, mind, and psychology as path shower to our growing up kids on that? Is stereotype gender role hamper in (local/national) development? Still gender talk personnel have to start with “I am not Gender Biased” a caution to avoid conflict of understanding and unfair treatment on gender issues. It is very common post in social media by users that being women/girl why she does this/that type of action? It does not go with her (a women). Crossing the boundary either literate or illiterate and even tradition, trend, and modernization are very far away in reality. If we think for development and demolish conflict of gender issues (empowerment, equality, equity, mainstream, stigma, and relation) need to drop water in root at childhood on gender role in every institution. We cannot avoid present, we cannot deny existing, but initiative through future generation make changes, make effective and moving forward aiming a gender clash free society as in better future. Here have been discussed gender role, its design, and demonstration in, and finally its effect and impact in personal life especially the primary learner (PL) growing up future generation. A qualitative secondary date, gender study knowledge, and more than 30 years lifelong experience in merge as method have been applied to meet the following questioner as above with a nice recommendation.

Aus. Aca. Busi & Eco. Rev Vol 4(3), July 2018, P 154-174


Gender Role; Kids Learning; Influence; Inspire; Institutions; Stereotype Tradition

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